Daily Archives: 08/23/2003


A juvenile mountain lion was recently struck by a motorist outside Fulton, MO. All indications point towards this cougar being a wild animal, and not an escapee from some animal facility. A small population must exist in the state. Missouri officially exterminated it’s last native mountain lion in 1927, so this discovery suggests the big cat has reestablished itself in Missouri, possibly due to the high numbers of deer the state hosts. This marks the seventh verified sighting of a cougar in Missouri in the last ten years.

Back – For Now

Yep, the power went down for about a half hour, precisely at 9:00 am. I simply do not understand why the Guam Power Authority only works on the utility poles on the weekends. What is the reasoning behind this? To piss off everybody that hopes to get some work done around the house on a Saturday?

My knee is still killing, though the pain isn’t as intense as last night. I could barely walk last night.

My fantasy football draft is in a couple hours. I am aiming for complete dominance this year. Of course I didn’t do much studying or prep work. I got a vague idea about my #1 pick, but that’s about it. Hey, it’s not rocket science – pick the best player left that fits into the lineup.

Power Woes

I think the power is schedule to go off in about two minutes. I so enjoy having the power shut off every weekend. I mean, it’s not like they could work on the power lines from Monday to Friday, while everybody is off at work. That would be too intelligent. It raises everyone’s irritation factor if the power goes off on Saturday, while everyone is at home, trying to catch up on chores.