Daily Archives: 08/26/2003

The Return of the Nachi

No it’s not Clym Yeobright

Today saw a sudden resurgence of the Nachi Worm at work again. It was so bad our Exchange server’s antivirus software went into “Outbreak” mode and stripped all attachments from email. Of course the network couldn’t handle the stress and went down – again. Those servers are played out dude. Christ, we’ve had the same servers since 1996, they’re a little long in the tooth. Somebody takes those old machines out back and put them out of their misery.

With the network so unreliable these days, I am burning through floppies like mad the past couple weeks, pouching diskettes in interoffice envelopes and sending out files to their destinations via sneakernet. Remember those days? Feels like it’s 1989 all over again.

The IT monkeys got everything under control by noon though, so my hat’s off to them. Good job guys. Hopefully this nasty virus upsurge is coming to an end.

Rip VON Winkle

Three guesses who I ran into last week on the road:

Yep. Still here. Still kicking. Just laying low. I guess it’s time to start hanging with the barflies again, because I was actually happy to see him.

Are You Ready For Some Football?

Oh yeah, we had our draft Saturday afternoon. It was a smashing success. We got a solid lineup this year, really good running backs (Clinton Portis, Corey Dillon), good receivers (Randy Moss, Chad Johnson), a couple above average quarterbacks (Matt Hasselbeck, Tommy Maddox), and a rock solid defense in Tampa Bay. I feel confident we are in the running for a playoff spot. First game is in two weeks – I taste victory.

Local News Roundup

Time for a quick trip through the headlines, courtesy of the Pacific Daily News:

  • Gas prices rise – citing their usual excuse (huh, gas prices rose in Singapore’), Shell bumped the price of regular up 4� a gallon. Whoopeee. Glad I bought that little 4 cylinder instead of a SUV.
  • Governor’s complex first in line for typhoon repairs – A real focus on priorities there. So the hospital’s a wreck, the school’s are dilapidated and unsafe; the governor’s mansion needs to be fixed up first.
  • Bones still unexcavated in Ylig Bay – no surprise there. I guess they’ll get around to excavating the site eventually. Till then, the boonie dogs get a treat to munch on.

That’s about all the news fit to print.