Daily Archives: 08/28/2003

I See Venus, I See Mars

I ogled the red planet last night, like most folks. Funny. I spend a good deal of my free time stargazing, yet this doesn’t particularly interest me. It’s big, it’s bright. So what? I am more interested in what those probes will find when they get to Mars. In the meantime, I will just keep picking out cooler stuff in the night sky. Jupiter is exceedingly cool, which many moons and dark bands. Mars is positively stodgy in comparison. And the planets pale in comparison to nebula and globular clusters.

And yes, I am an APOD junkie. It’s the best spot on the internet.


Japanese Tourist Struck By Lightning – an 18 year old Japanese tourist died yesterday afternoon after being struck by lightning in the waters just offshore of the Hyatt Regency Guam. The last couple days brought lots of lightning to Guam, an unusual occurrence in this tropical paradise.

Getting Away From It All

Police locate Bogolepov. This Russian guy disappeared over a week and a half ago, freaking out his friends and employer. Seems he was holed up in a cave up near Tanguisson. The cops let him go; he broke no crime. Dude just needed a vacation. I understand completely.

Corked Off

So my Macintosh is acting strangely. Nothing terminal, just odd behavior. I am getting errors booting up, web pages won’t display properly in Mozilla, I can’t get streaming audio to work in Audion. A lot of little quibbling problems, the sort of stuff that plagues five year old G3’s I guess.

Time to run a Norton Utilities, maybe defrag the hard drive. Probably have to reinstall some odds ‘n ends that have gone sour. Hope this doesn’t turn into a major production, I don’t need that right now.

Oh yeah – picked up an old Pentium Pro machine to play around with yesterday. I shrugged off the offer of a keyboard and mouse. “I’ve got a KVM switch,” I casually replied. “No worries about that for me.” Of course the keyboard and mouse jacks on the old PC are DB-9 serial and DIN-5 connectors, and my KVM switch is PS/2 type plugs. Lovely. Guess where I am going for lunch? A computer store, like PC Outlet perhaps? Looking for plug adapters perhaps? Just what I wanted to do, go fishing for a hodge-podge of adapters and cables. Hooray…