Daily Archives: 08/30/2003

Test Post From Archipelago

I am testing Archipelago:



I hope this works. I am trying to post to my blog using Archipelago. If it does, cool. If not, well that’s not so cool.

It seems to work, with a couple caveats (problems with the title, and uploading files). Not bad though. I might actually start using Archipelago to post from my G3.

Serious Time Lords Only Need Reply

A good article from Wired News: Turn Back the Spam of Time. I got the time travel email the article is based upon over a year ago. Seems the author of that spam really was a bit touched in the head. He really is looking for time travel equipment. I wonder if he wants my old TARDIS? It’s an old Type 40, slightly burn damage by Cybermen and Daleks, barely worthwhile at this point, but if the guy wants it…