Daily Archives: 08/31/2003


Excellent sunset this evening. Lots of purple and orange on the eastern horizon, with the glassy waters of the Pacific reflecting the clouds. Very nice.

And here’s proof.
Last sunset of August 2003

Netflix Retooled

Blog Entry “netflix retooled” from IA? EH.

Interesting post at elegant hack about the big site redesign at Netflix. I must admit I am ambivalent about the new look at Netflix, and this post hits it on the head: I struggle to locate the search box on the new page. It’s lost over there on the right side of the page, and it isn’t accessible from the queue page, so I have to backtrack to find a new movie or actor. It’s annoying. I hate it when people take away features I use.

Speaking of Netflix, I got Besieged loaded into the DVD player, probably watch that tonight. Then it’s time for Waking Life.


I upgraded the firmware in my broadband router last weekend. Everything seems normal, but for a couple annoying problems. Several websites won’t display correctly now – it’s like the CSS is broken or something, and Seti@Home no longer retrieves work units from the central server. I cannot figure it out. Everything else works just fine. What’s the deal? I’ve monkeyed around with settings for days, scoured the web for answers, and come up empty. I am running out of options. Anybody got an idea?