Monthly Archives: August 2003

Rip VON Winkle

Three guesses who I ran into last week on the road:

Yep. Still here. Still kicking. Just laying low. I guess it’s time to start hanging with the barflies again, because I was actually happy to see him.

Are You Ready For Some Football?

Oh yeah, we had our draft Saturday afternoon. It was a smashing success. We got a solid lineup this year, really good running backs (Clinton Portis, Corey Dillon), good receivers (Randy Moss, Chad Johnson), a couple above average quarterbacks (Matt Hasselbeck, Tommy Maddox), and a rock solid defense in Tampa Bay. I feel confident we are in the running for a playoff spot. First game is in two weeks – I taste victory.

Local News Roundup

Time for a quick trip through the headlines, courtesy of the Pacific Daily News:

  • Gas prices rise – citing their usual excuse (huh, gas prices rose in Singapore’), Shell bumped the price of regular up 4� a gallon. Whoopeee. Glad I bought that little 4 cylinder instead of a SUV.
  • Governor’s complex first in line for typhoon repairs – A real focus on priorities there. So the hospital’s a wreck, the school’s are dilapidated and unsafe; the governor’s mansion needs to be fixed up first.
  • Bones still unexcavated in Ylig Bay – no surprise there. I guess they’ll get around to excavating the site eventually. Till then, the boonie dogs get a treat to munch on.

That’s about all the news fit to print.

Feeling Mobile

I did absolutely nothing today. I laid in bed with my knee elevated, icing it every three or four hours. I read a good deal (caught up on some magazines that were piling up), I played some video games (drawing ever closer to the conclusion of Tomb Raider Chronicles), and that was about it. I skipped work, the prospect of limping up and down four flights of steps kept me at home. What the heck, I got plenty of sick leave, time to use a day and recuperate. My knee is still wobbly, but the pain is reduced from last night. Guess I’m working tomorrow.

Today’s eerie image:

Lara Croft looks out on Manhattan

Tomb Raider Chronicles dates itself with this vista. I had to stop and take a screenshot of the beautiful skyline, now lost forever.

Urban Legends Reference Pages: Photo Gallery (Blackout)

Urban Legends Reference Pages: Photo Gallery (Blackout)

Before another person sends this to me: It’s a fake! Like the ‘WTC Guy’ photo a couple years ago. F-A-K-E! As in ‘not real,’ ‘completely bogus,’ or ‘you are a sucker who believes anything that shows up in your mailbox.’ Take a look at the real photo from NOAA showing the eastern seaboard. The blackout was nothing like the fake picture. New York is still visible, just dimmer.


No, not the great Rolling Stones album, one of my favorites by the way. I mean actual flowers blooming on my doorstep. I got a few plants blooming like crazy and I took some photos about a week ago.

Blooming Aloe Plumeria #1

Plumeria #2 Plumeria #3

I don't know what kind of flower, but it smells nice The pitaya (dragon fruit) gets ready a bloom

Like I said, I took these photos about a week or ten days ago. Since then the plumeria has peaked and started to brown, the aloe is still going strong, and that cactus thing bloomed during the night and the flower was wilted the next day. I think the plant is a pitaya, a cactus that produces a fruit. I’ve never seen it bloom before in six years, so I am uncertain. But the flower sure looked like the flowers on the pitayas on this page. I’ve never seen another on Guam, so I guess I won’t be seeing those spectacular fruit anytime soon. I had some in Vietnam, it was delicious.

Never Get Out Of The Boat

Watched Apocalypse Now Redux this evening. It’s been a very long time since I watched that movie. I could still recite entire scenes. This version adds in almost an hour of footage cut from the original theatrical release. The added material includes expanded scenes on the patrol boat, a second meeting with the playmates, and an extended sequence with a clan of French colonists.

I thought the original movie was incredible, and this new version adds to that masterpiece. Some of the new material seems disjointed from the rest of the film, but the end affect is positive. I will probably watch it again tomorrow.


A juvenile mountain lion was recently struck by a motorist outside Fulton, MO. All indications point towards this cougar being a wild animal, and not an escapee from some animal facility. A small population must exist in the state. Missouri officially exterminated it’s last native mountain lion in 1927, so this discovery suggests the big cat has reestablished itself in Missouri, possibly due to the high numbers of deer the state hosts. This marks the seventh verified sighting of a cougar in Missouri in the last ten years.

Back – For Now

Yep, the power went down for about a half hour, precisely at 9:00 am. I simply do not understand why the Guam Power Authority only works on the utility poles on the weekends. What is the reasoning behind this? To piss off everybody that hopes to get some work done around the house on a Saturday?

My knee is still killing, though the pain isn’t as intense as last night. I could barely walk last night.

My fantasy football draft is in a couple hours. I am aiming for complete dominance this year. Of course I didn’t do much studying or prep work. I got a vague idea about my #1 pick, but that’s about it. Hey, it’s not rocket science – pick the best player left that fits into the lineup.

Power Woes

I think the power is schedule to go off in about two minutes. I so enjoy having the power shut off every weekend. I mean, it’s not like they could work on the power lines from Monday to Friday, while everybody is off at work. That would be too intelligent. It raises everyone’s irritation factor if the power goes off on Saturday, while everyone is at home, trying to catch up on chores.


Something got messed up overnight. I woke up this morning and my knee was killing me. It’s only gotten worse throughout the day. I am icing and elevating, but the pain is incredible. It feels like somebody took a bat to my left knee. The troubling thing is I have no idea how this happened. I just woke up in pain.

Silly Fun

After watching Equilibrium last night, I watched my other movie that was due back at Blockbuster today.

Rapa Nui is a ridiculous movie that doesn’t take itself too seriously. The story of high adventure, class warfare and romance on Easter Island before the arrival of Europeans is a flimsy concoction. But I like it. Maybe the hundreds of bare-chested women milling about has something to do with it. Or maybe its the hilarious dialogue, especially between the high priest and aged king. But once the climactic race starts to retrieve an undamaged bird’s egg from a nearby island, all complaints melt away. It’s exciting, even if it doesn’t make much sense.

The movie is a guilty pleasure. Hell, even Roger Ebert admits to that.


Just finished watching Equilibrium, a sci-fi action movie that several guys at work recommended I watch. They said it was reminiscent of the Matrix, but I was sorely disappointed. Think 1984 with some gunfighting kung fu thrown in. The only good moment was when Taye Diggs got his face sliced off in a sword fight. That was pretty cool. Otherwise, the action was sparse, and the plot predictably boring.

One odd moment right now: Christian Bale, the stony faced protagonist in Equilibrium, was the kid in Empire of the Sun. That’s weird. I remember watching that movie when it came out, was it really that long ago?

Another Day Wasted

So the computer system was down again today, for the third day in a row. All those Windows 2000 desktops and servers, humbled by the onslaught of lowly virii, just a few lines of malicious code. The entire network was switched off today, then slowly brought back online, one machine at a time. I feel for the network guys, they are working double time just to stem the tide. First Blaster, then Nachi, now Sobig. It’s a bad week to be a MCSE.

I spent the day reading more technical manuals and killing time in a few meetings. I have to admit, it’s a nice change of pace from working on the computer non-stop all day.

X-rays from Earth

NASA is about to start imaging x-rays from Earth using the Chandra telescope. They’re looking for an x-ray beacon similar to one found on Jupiter. Oxygen ions plummeting into Jupiter’s atmosphere trigger the beacon, and astronomers think Earth might have this twinkling beacon too.

Pedo Throws His Hat Into The Ring

My mayor, Pedo Terlaje, sponsored a bill in the legislature to create a special election on legalizing casino gambling. The Citizens for Economic Diversity already have enough signatures to place the measure on the ballot during the next general election, but that isn’t until November 2004. If the island senators pass this bill, a special election will be held within 90 days to decide the future of gambling on Guam.

Terlaje insists casino gambling is a way to ease the suffering of many people on Guam, by spurring construction and increasing tourism. I couldn’t agree more. This island desperately needs something to attract investment, and regulated, quality casinos offer a way out of this economic malaise that we cannot seem to shrug off.