Daily Archives: 09/10/2003

Collaborative Creation

Two interesting projects out on the internet that approach different subjects with a similar methodology.

  • Mindworld – Visitors are asked to answer a question regarding the disposition of a random pixel in a graphic. Is it land or water? A vague Mercator projection of the world is developing through this interaction.
  • Typophile – Same idea, but visitors are tasked with designing a font, picking pixels to determine the shape of any given letter.

It’s a cool idea. The best thing to do on both sights is watch the development of the shapes from a random collection of pixels towards a coherent shape. The letters are particularly intriguing to watch. It becomes a study in group think. Several times a letter approaches something near perfection, then drift sets in. Slowly the lower case “n” resolves out of random noise, nears completion, then grows larger and larger, slowly changing from a serif to sans serif letter. Then it hits you: the letter isn’t supposed to achieve perfection. The process is the whole point of the exercise. Watching how an idea grows and develops and changes over time, that’s the function of the project.