Daily Archives: 09/20/2003

Bacteriophages To The Rescue

More from Wired: How Ravenous Soviet Viruses Will Save the World. I actually saw something on PBS a couple years ago on this very topic. The show introduced viewers to the Eliava Institute in Georgia and the research Soviet scientists conducted on phages during the Cold War. Now a new startup called Intralytix is partnering with the Georgian scientists to bring phages research to the world. It holds great promise in this age of antibiotic resistant bacteria.

Money, It’s A Drag

Gary, my oldest brother, is something of a libertarian and he frequently forwards links about economic policy. The latest was a speech by Representative Ron Paul (R-Texas) on paper money and the fixing the dollar to the gold standard again. Interesting stuff.

Then I stumbled across a complementary story on another website Gary mentioned, the the Ludwig von Mises Institute, and it made me go ‘hmmm.’ Maybe he is onto something here.

In fact, Gary was talking about how the war on Iraq was actually a scheme to stabilize waning US economic dominance by forcing Iraq to sell oil for dollars instead of Euros. Looks like he was right about that too. Gotta keep the dollar pegged up high against all threats, especially the resurgent Euro, and the best way to do that is through the use of uncontested military might to overthrow countries that threaten the hegemony of the almighty dollar.