Daily Archives: 09/21/2003

Sunday Sunday Sunday

Still getting lots of thunder and lightning on Guam. Very unusual weather. And we had a small earthquake this morning. Always unsettling.

Abominable Snowman ‘just a bear’

A Japanese mountaineer announced the results of 12 year’s research into the existence of the abominable snowman or yeti. He concluded that the yeti is just a regional variation of the word for bear

Makoto Nebuka, 56, a senior member of the Japanese Alpine Club, plans to publish the results of his 12 years of research which led him to conclude the mysterious creature, known as the “Yeti,” is really the endangered Himalayan Brown Bear (Ursus Arctos).

Nebuka’s theory rests on a linguistic discovery: Through a series of interviews with local people in Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan, he has found that “yeti” is a regional dialect word for “meti”, meaning bear.
Ethnic Tibetan tribes who are scared of the powerful bears which often attack their villages, worship the meti/yeti as a dreadful, supernatural creature, Nebuka said.

Sounds a great deal more plausible than some unseen giant snow ape running around in the mountains.