Guam Vs. Anchorage

A surprisingly lucid letter to the editor appeared in yesterday’s PDN. GovGuam has far too many officials. Boy, you can say that again. Mr. Stoianoff makes a good point about the bloated size of GovGuam, but some of the increased size is necessary. Guam is not a city, it is a self governing territory in a compact, semi-urban environment. Thus GovGuam needs to address the needs of both a city government and a state government, plus police its borders, manage a deep water port, and operate independent utility agencies. It’s a tall order, and it needs a larger government than what is required to run a city.

All that aside, I do agree with Mr. Stoianoff about the bloat. Vice Mayors? C’mon. 15 Senators? Really… Here’s a compromise, reduce the senators to 11, and have them represent actual districts instead of being senators at large. Reduce the mayors to 11 as well, and have them handle the day to day affairs in these districts. The two elected officials, senator and mayor, can work in tandem for the betterment of their district. They can even share one enlarged office staff between them.