Daily Archives: 10/06/2003

Fantasy Football

We engineered a nice little trade last week, pulled in a kicker and a running back for this weekend’s games. And it worked out nicely. Bagged another win to put us in sole possession of first place in our division.

Say hello to Trung Candidate and Sebastian Janikowski, the newest players on our squad.

This week is the supplemental draft, and we’ll be picking up some more guys. We got a few guys that are no longer needed, and some areas of the lineup need bolstering.

It’s funny, last year we were the most prolific team trading and drafting players with abandon. Our final squad bore little resemblance to our draft picks. For some reason, the other owners in the league are reticent about trades, and skittish about drafting players during the season. Perhaps they are too deeply attached to their draft picks. Hell, we traded away our #1 pick last year mid-season. Shaun Alexander was playing like a feeb, so we ditched him to another team for Jamal Lewis and a receiver. And never looked back. Lots of guys are determined to hang onto their players, probably because of pride or hubris. They don’t want to look silly for drafting an underperformer. Even worse, they often don’t want to trade those players away, thinking they are too valuable to their team. Dude, everybody’s expendable. It’s what they bring to the table that matters.


Balancing the books is such a fucking chore. Plus it always depresses me. But it is good to know what’s in the bank. I just wish there was more of it.