Daily Archives: 10/18/2003

Movies Movies Movies

Netflix has hit a wall; no new movies in over three weeks. I don’t blame them, the US Postal Service must be having troubles delivering the mail to this island again.

Anyway, I watched A Midnight Clear last week, and again earlier this week. Last night and tonight were devoted to a long expository video by Robert Thurman on Tibetan history and culture. Enlightening sure, but not exactly light entertainment. Tomorrow I’ll watch the final dvd in my possession right now, The Sand Pebbles. If I don’t get anything in Monday’s mail, I guess it’s time to pay a visit to my local video store, 3V’s. I got a hankering to watch The Two Towers or something like that.


I downloaded Mozilla Firebird 0.7 tonight. It’s a nice browser, and a serious contender for my default browser. I’ve been using the full Mozilla distribution for over a year now, but I must admit it is big, often slow, and chock full of things I don’t need like email, html editing and a chat client. Firebird is lean and mean, and after a bit of a hassle installing plug-ins, I like it a great deal. I’ll be taking it for a test drive this week and we’ll see if I switch.