Week 7 Fantasy Update

It’s been a couple hard weeks on the Zulus, my fantasy football team. We lost a couple heartbreakers to non-contenders, especially last week’s 70-90 loss to ‘Reign of Fire.’ I can only say it was because both of our top receivers had a bye week. This week however, things are looking better.Week 7 saw the return of our important starters, including Randy Moss, Chad Johnson and Corey Dillon. Excellent. Too bad we didn’t start Dillon, he was a game time decision and our lineups need to be in before that. So we went with D’Shaun Foster, Stephen Davis’ backup at Carolina, who put up some decent numbers last week when Davis was hurt.

One area of our roster concerns me – running back. Two of our stable of backs were out this week, Trung Candidate and Anthony Thomas. While they are our backups, our primary back, Clinton Portis and Corey Dillon, are proving more delicate than we hoped. Most of our running backs have something wrong with them and have sat out a couple games this year. Not cool. I want solid running backs that post good numbers every week. But then doesn’t everybody?

While Foster didn’t put up good numbers for us, it wasn’t necessary. The Zulus are poised to win again and become 5-2. The only problem is two other teams in my division are 5-2, making for a clusterf**k. The other two divisions in our league are populated by sad sacks and has beens.