Daily Archives: 10/21/2003

More On TheBrain

I really like TheBrain. It is a truly revolutionary way of organizing data. I find it incredibly easy to map out projects, their requirements, the people involved, resources and files needed, and reference sites out on the internet. I find my Personal Brain a useful information organizer. I just wish the damn thing could integrate some sort of weblog interface for posting thoughts to a website. That would be cool…

Now I am starting to see sites developed that utilize a WebBrain. I mentioned Ray Kurzweil’s site and the vast trove of articles referenced by his WebBrain. I found another one at iApplianceWeb, a site devoted to internet enabled devices, embedded network appliances and related technology. I found this site from an article in TheBrain newsletter, and it looks promising.

Engines of Creation

I’ve been reading Eric Drexler’s seminal work on nanotechnology, Engines of Creation. It is a fascinating introduction to nanotech and the coming Diamond Age.

Speaking of nanotechnology, Ray Kurzweil has a fascinating site on emerging technology and futurist trends, with an emphasis on nanotech developments. This site is also one of the first to use a really cool information neural net from TheBrain Technologies on their website. It makes for an interesting way to navigate a site and its many links. I’ve been using Personal Brain off and on for about a year now, and WebBrain is the internet enabled version of that technology. TheBrain at KurzweilAI.net is a treasure trove of links to a vast array of subjects archived on the site. Truly a first rate implementation of a promising technology on a gold mine of a site.

Concorde: Fast Flight to Nowhere

Adios Concorde: after 27 years, the Concorde is scheduled to fly its last flight this week. A technological marvel, the Concorde was loud, fast, and unable to make a profit. And with the Concorde’s exit, so goes the market for commercial hypersonic transport, at least for the next few decades.