Daily Archives: 10/24/2003

PriceSmart Closing Doors

Guam’s only warehouse shopping club, PriceSmart, is closing its doors on December 31st. Management cites the inability to attract enough members to the price club, saying that the membership feature just doesn’t work on Guam for some reason.

I never joined PriceSmart, not because of the $20 membership fee, but because I can get everything I need at Cost U Less, a competitor without the membership hassles, or KMart. Plus I had the feeling PriceSmart would never last; PriceCostco failed in the same location for the same reasons. Why pay for membership when the same things are for sale at a couple other places. Kind of defeats the purpose of a price club.

Boy, If That Ain’t A Sign, Nothing Is

The actor portraying Jesus Christ in Mel Gibson’s controversial film, The Passion of Christ was struck by lightning while filming a few scenes at a remote location in Italy.

Jim Caviezel and assistant director Jan Michelini were struck by lightning but not badly hurt. A witness said he saw “smoke coming out of Caviezel’s ears.” Amazingly, this is the second time Michelini has been struck by lightning while filming the motion picture.