Daily Archives: 10/26/2003

Origins of the Military-Industrial Complex

I never would have thought the term military-industrial complex came from a speech by Dwight Eisenhower. Wow. Interesting speech. He cautions against the undo accumulation of political power in the military-industrial, warning future presidents and senators to be vigilant against incursions by the permanent armaments industry.

Eisenhower also mentions the dangers inherent in federally funded research at universities, as lone inventors tinkering in their shops are replaced by research labs with government funding.

A strangely prescient speech.

Sunday Morning, Sun Is Shining

This strange bright orb is hanging up in the sky. I vaguely remember something about this being the sun, the source of life, warmth and energy for our rainy little planet.

Seriously, this is the first time the sun has come out in force in over a month. The clouds and rain are temporarily dispersed.

Time to set myself loose upon the brilliant day. I think a hike is in order, or maybe a trip to the beach.