Daily Archives: 10/27/2003

Chinese Navy Visits Guam

Two vessels from the People’s Liberation Army Navy South Fleet docked at Apra Harbor last week. The destroyer Shenzen was accompanied by a supply ship, the Quinghai Hu on an official visit to the U.S. Naval Station Marianas. The goodwill visit was the first time a Chinese warship has stopped at Guam.

It seemed like the island was crawling with Chinese sailors last Friday. I guess they had liberty, and most spent it shopping.

Local Attorney Nabbed In Sex Case

Haim Habib, a local attorney, was arrested this weekend in a lurid sex case which involves child pornography, child abuse and the harboring and rape two runaway teenage girls. Two other local residents were arrested in connection to the case, including the mother of two toddlers found in ‘deplorable’ conditions in a house in Dededo.

iMac Envy

Dianne returned to Guam last week with a little something extra; a 17 inch iMac. Wow. It looks gorgeous. Now she has the iMac and her G4 Powerbook. I have a serious case of Macintosh envy. My aging G3 looks positively dowdy next to these sleek beauties.

Ah well, I got no money for a new computer right now. The G3 will continue to suffice for now – it does everything I need.