Daily Archives: 10/28/2003


Last week marked KPRG’s fall pledge drive. I cannot stress enough how valuable KPRG is to Guam. The sole public radio, community radio station on island, KPRG offers a diverse mix of NPR, PRI, and local programming. This is an unusual situation. Other public radio stations are usually entirely NPR or entirely PRI programming, never a mix of the two. And community radio is usually something completely different. Only here on Guam is there a blend of all three. A highly eclectic blend.

This morning KPRG played a rerun of an old Performance Today broadcast from last month, the final partitas #6 of The Bach Partitas with Richard Goode. Excellent. The second hour of PT was the current program, climaxing with Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring at the new Walt Disney Concert Hall. Wow.

And All Things Considered ran a fascinating piece by Walter Cronkite about his involvement in CBS’ television show “You Are There” during the 1950’s. Unknown to Cronkite and most of the show’s staff, all the writers on the “You Are There” were blacklisted screenwriters. The writers used historical allegory to make thinly disguised comments about the communist witch hunts of the McCarthy era. It was an absolutely fascinating story, and a true delight to hear Walter Cronkite’s voice again.

When I think of the drivel being broadcast on commercial radio on a daily basis, it makes the value of a station like KPRG and NPR truly exceptional. Now if only they would run Whad’Ya Know here on Guam. That is one of my favorites on PRI.