Daily Archives: 10/29/2003

This Old Mac, Or Hello Yellow Dog

My G3 is getting old. Pokey. Not quite up to snuff anymore. Hell, come January and this machine will be 5 years old. It’s been a wonderful machine, and it still fulfills most of my needs in computing.

Mac OS 9, which is what I am running on this G3, is starting to feel a little long in the tooth. My software options are steadily diminishing, and the promised land of Unix beckons. Mac OS X is too much for this dependable old processor to handle, but I am really giving Yellow Dog Linux a serious look-see. Yellow Dog is basically a port of Red Hat to the PowerPC chip. I am already running Red Hat on my server, so Yellow Dog wouldn’t be that great a gulf to bridge.

OS News, a very competent web site, has run a variety of stories on Yellow Dog, and I think I could make the switch soon. Probably start with a dual boot, see how that goes.

If you’ll excuse me, I got some ISO’s to download.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a bunch of ISO’s to download.