Daily Archives: 10/31/2003

E-Votes On Access

Erwin and I had a pretty good chuckle about this. The idea that an electronic voting system would be based in Microsoft Access is just plain silly.

Kill Bill

Oh yeah, Kill Bill.

I went to see Kill Bill last week and promised a review. It was okay, full of cartoonish violence and fake blood. Tarantino is a disturbed gentleman, with some pronounced sadistic tendencies and a misogynistic approach to women.

That said, I found the movie a trifle boring. It was like I was watching somebody play Soul Calibur for two hours, with the Bride slashing her way through waves of underlings to get to the ‘mini-boss’ (Go Go) and finally the level boss (O Ren Ishii). The final ‘boss’ showdown with Lucy Liu in the garden with snow falling was achingly beautiful, but overall I felt like it was a waste of time. Kill Bill certainly doesn’t have the visceral pop and crackle that Reservoir Dogs or Pulp Fiction had.

Jimmy Dee Arrested

Jimmy Dee, Guam’s answer to Don Ho, was arrested yesterday on two counts of criminal sexual conduct. According to police he make sexual and derogatory remarks to a teenage girl last Tuesday, and then sexually assaulted her later that evening.