Daily Archives: 11/04/2003

The Physics Of E.T.

Here’s an interesting essay by physicist Michio Kaku on the physics of extra-terrestrial civilizations. A very lucid article and some great comments on Dr. Kaku’s essay can be found on this website. Some of the idea’s Dr. Kaku touches upon reminded me of a novel I read last year, Diaspora, by Greg Egan. This novel was ‘hard’ sci-fi, full of physics and mathematics, and a little like in character development. The ideas Egan puts forward, sentient cyber intelligences exploring the galaxy, basically hibernating during the millennia of interstellar travel, then unleashing a horde of nanotech robots to establish a beach head in new solar systems for exploration and industry, is remarkably similar to Kaku’s discussion of Von Neumann probes exploring the galaxy.

The best part about the comments are the great links to other articles about the development of mankind and human civilization. Especially read the article about the origins of human language. It is very informative.