Daily Archives: 11/05/2003

Shrinking Long Distance

Here’s a little piece about the shrinking sense of distance in today’s world.

I remember when my sister moved from the Midwest to New York City with her husband in the mid 70’s. It was like she moved to Timbuktu. I can vividly remember once when the entire family was getting together – Thanksgiving I believe. My father came home from his job at Southwestern Bell with a speakerphone because my sister was going to call long distance and talk to the family. When the call came in the entire family, brothers, aunts, uncles, cousins, all of us shut up and crouched around that tinny speakerphone, listening, listening. She only spoke for a few minutes, long distance was prohibitively expensive for a young couple eking out a living in the big city. I was duly amazed.

I made three long distance phone calls today, scoured computers on three continents, booked a flight, reserved a hotel room and rental car, and I barely thought about the cost to me for those calls or the technology behind them. We live in a golden age.

Phones Out In Yona?

The Pacific Daily News ran a story today about erratic phone service in Yona. Quoted in the article are two of my neighbors, they actually live on either side of my house. They are both griping about the phones.

Huh? Maybe the phones are out during the day or something. My only complaint was about two weeks ago when the phone was cut to the entire southern half of Guam. Phones are working great for me.

Tina Fey In The New Yorker

I’m reading an interview with Saturday Night Live head writer Tina Fey. It’s pretty interesting look into how SNL operates and Fey’s place in it. I don’t watch much SNL these days, but the “Weekend Update” section with Fey and Jimmy Fallon is probably the most consistent thing on the show.

The obligatory biographical stuff is there too, along with this gem about the comedy stylings of a young Tina Fey:

“[her brother] remembers a drawing that Tina made when she was about seven: it showed people walking down the street holding hands with wedges of Swiss cheese, and the caption read, ‘What a friend we have in cheeses!'”