Daily Archives: 12/04/2003

Futurism Is Dead

Seems I missed a fascinating discussion while I was on vacation about the meaning and purpose of Futurism in today’s world, set off by an incendiary article at Wired. In addition to a rebuttal from the World Future Society, several of my favorite bloggers chimed in on the subject, pointing out the many an varied Futurists active today; Ray Kurzweil, Eric Drexler, Greg Stock and the Buckminster Fuller Institute. In addition they made cogent points about the value of the internet, blogging and social software in developing futurist thought, and how today’s wired children will set the agenda for tomorrow.

I Ain’t Holding My Breath, Even Though It Stinks Up There

The big headline in today’s Guam news is a deal struck between GovGuam and the Federal EPA to close the Ordot Landfill by 2007. Yeah, like that’ll ever happen. It will be dragged out ad infinitum because the will does not exist in our crop of politicians to handle something like this. Nobody wants a new dump in their backyard, and the senators are too busy pandering for votes and currying favor to touch such an unpopular subject.