Daily Archives: 12/08/2003

Fantasy Football Updates

This was the last week of regular season Fantasy Football for the Guam Fantasy Football league. And yours truly goes into the playoffs as the #1 seed, behind the powerful running attack of Clinton Portis, the arial acrobatics of Randy Moss & Chad Johnson, the arm of Steve McNair, and the stingy Tampa Bay Defense. We crushed our opposition this week, a highly touted team featuring Priest Holmes and Jamal Lewis. I can almost taste sweet victory in the league, and just in time for Christmas.

Happy Anniversary

While I am busy marking memorials and anniversaries today, let me not forget to congratulate my parents on 56 years of marital bliss. Wow – that’s quite an accomplishment.

My dad is home for the hospital now, and hopefully no more complications will arise. He was home for less than a week when he had to be readmitted about 10 days ago. I spoke to him yesterday and he still sounds a little drugged up. Hopped up on painkillers actually. But the surgery was a success and I am relieved that he is back home.