Daily Archives: 12/11/2003

I need some TURKEY!!

Where the hell can I find a turkey without those embedded pop-up thermometer things on Guam? Not Payless, not Cost-U-Less, not Kmart… Any ideas?

Climate Change – Global Warming – And American Idiocy

BBC NEWS | Americas | 2003 climate havoc ‘cost $60bn’

What really caught my eye was this sparkling gem of brilliancy by a US Senator:

“US Senator James Inhofe, who chairs the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, says it is inconsistent with freedom, prosperity and environmental policy progress.

“I’m becoming more and more convinced… that global warming is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people and the world,” he told a conference briefing.

Yee Ha! Let’s all drive around in our SUV’s! Yee Ha!!

Bad Fish

Orote Point fish deemed hazardous by Navy and Guam EPA. The closed Orote Landfill is the suspected source of PCB’s found in fish found in the waters off Orote Point.

Just another example of the Navy poisoning the environment on Guam. Lots of PCB’s floating around here.

Dive Accident In Palau

A host for the History Channel show Deep Sea Detectives drowned in Palau over the weekend while diving on the wreck of the USS Perry. The minesweeper went down in 1944 off Angaur Island and lies in 250 feet of water (76 meters). The television show was filming an episode about the wreck when this tragedy happened.