Daily Archives: 12/12/2003

Hot In Here…

I just can’t get enough of global warming lately. Bill McKibben wrought a poignant piece in Granta about the world’s blithe disregard for global warming and the coming catastrophe of our own making. Perhaps we lack the vision or the will to address this problem, maybe we fiddle while Rome burns, I don’t know. I suspect people just avoid the problem entirely and hope it will somehow sort itself out.

Global warming is a scary and difficult thing to address, and many people are markedly ignorant about it. I bought a new car earlier this year, a small, fuel-efficient compact car. People that knew me were astounded. I had probably 10 people tell me that I needed a big V-8 pickup, something like a Dodge Ram, Ford F-350 or one of those land-yacht SUV’s like the Ford Expedition. No real explanation was given for why I needed such an immense vehicle. When I asked why they needed such large vehicles to drive 10 miles to work every day I got the usual answers: ‘I need to drive my kids around,’ ‘It makes me feel safe,’ ‘It fits my lifestyle,’ ‘I got a nice tax break by buying it,’ and ‘Huh?’ I got blank stares when I explained I wanted a small, fuel efficient vehicle. Nobody cares. I think most people are just slowly being boiled alive while the heat is turned up and they never even notice it’s their hand on the thermostat.

Hat tip for the McKibben article: How to Save the World

Tuna Laced With Mercury

NPR ran a story today about a new FDA warning advising pregnant women to avoid eating tuna along with a wide variety of other fish. Curiously silent about the source of this mercury contamination though. Could it have something to do with the EPA’s recent relaxation of mercury pollution regulations?

Naw, pay no attention to the man behind the curtain America; go buy another SUV that gets 10 mpg. Nothing to see here, move along, buy, consume – it the patriotic thing to do. If you don’t massively indebt yourself to corporate America, the terrorists will have won…