Daily Archives: 12/15/2003

Monday’s Random Notes

  • Fantasy Football – Looks like I’m going to the big game. Crushed our opponent today, despite starting Corey Dillon instead of Rudi Johnson (who had 174 yards rushing and 2 touchdowns).
  • IT’S NOISY!! – Air conditioning guys are vacuuming up a mess in the dropped ceiling today. That damn air conditioning keeps leaking. This isn’t a little drip, it was a fucking cascade coming through the tiles this morning when I arrived. We’re just lucky no computers have been damaged by this continuing problem up here.
  • Wild Comanche Sax – Since it is so damn noisy due to the vacuuming, I got my headphones on and I’m listening to the Pulp Fiction soundtrack. And I just arrived at ‘Bring out the Gimp’ and the Revels playing Comanche. Sweet Jesus, I’d forgot all about that little episode in the movie. That scene was the final straw for me: Tarantino went off the deep end with that scene. The Gimp, the wild sax music, Bruce Willis selecting the samurai sword, and Ving Rhames’ timeless promise “to get medieval on yo’ ass.” I was laughing hysterically in the theater the first time I saw that scene, the rest of the audience probably thought I was insane or something.
  • Did I mention how NOISY it is in the office today?