Daily Archives: 12/16/2003

Phew – Crap I’m Tired

What a day! Long and tiring. Still have a ton of shit to do around the house too. It seems like the holiday season has struck with a vengeance. Too much to do, and not enough time to sit down and relax. Parties to attend, presents to ship to family and friends, turkeys to fry (yes, I got a turkey freer – and it’s in hot demand right now), and tomorrow I start covering for the other system analyst while he’s on vacation for four weeks. Never mind my own projects at work and stuff to do around the house.

One bit of good news came through this week: next year we get an additional holiday. Starting in 2004, the company will add Martin Luther King’s birthday into our holiday schedule. And they aren’t taking away one of our old holidays either! I think that gives up 10 paid holidays next year. That’s almost like being a banker, except we don’t close at 3:00 pm every day.

Got to get up early tomorrow and fry a couple turkeys before work. It’s our company holiday luncheon and I offered up my services in making a turkey. This one hour luncheon is all we get as employees, and it’s pot luck to boot. The company Christmas party went the way of the dodo about five years ago.

Not that I miss it much; in 1997 Typhoon packs hit the weekend our Christmas party was scheduled. The party was postponed until February, then senior management realized it was much cheaper to rent a hotel ballroom in February after the holiday season so for the next two years our Christmas party was about two weeks before Valentine’s Day. And they still called it a Christmas party. Go figure. Anyway 1999, well actually February 2000, was the last company party – new the new senior management killed that off with the new millennium.

More On The Toxic Fish At Orote

The PDN ran a good background article on the history of the polluted waters off Orote Point and the continuing ban on eating fish from the area. The paper also ran an article on the impacts the ban has on local fish mongerers. Most offered up assurances that they do not fish in local waters. I don’t doubt those claims, the waters off Guam are not exactly abundant in fish after years of extensive harvesting. But I wonder about the conditions in Palau or the Philippines, where most of the fish sold in local markets is procured.