Daily Archives: 12/24/2003

Cats Try to Eat Incapacitated Owner

The #1 reason why dogs are better pets than cats; Yahoo! News – Cats Try to Eat Incapacitated Owner. After an 86 year old woman was incapacitated by a stroke, her 9 cats tried to eat her. Authorities also found her dog, emaciated and covered with bite marks from the cats. Seems the little kitties went on a bender and attacked anything to get food, while poor loyal Fido starved himself and had to be euthanised he was in such bad shape.

2003 Guam Fantasy Football League Champs!

It was a nail-biter, but we emerged victorious in our fantasy football league. We scraped by with the narrowest of margins, only 1.5 fantasy points. The prize money comes just in time for Christmas.

Our final lineup was an amazing piece of work: two sub-par running backs filling in for the injured Clinton Portis, a surprise performance from our mediocre tight end, negative points from the Tampa Bay defense and Matt Hasselbeck gets injured in what should be his biggest game of the year. Somehow our stitched together lineup put up enough points to edge out our rival. Of course the biggest help was the fact that both his star wide receivers were injured and came up with goose eggs. It was a miracle – or the infamous Zulu Curse…