More On That Bad Beef

Local grocers raced to issue statements that they do not have any of the tainted beef from that slaughterhouse in Washington state. Both major grocers, Cost-U-Less and Payless Supermarkets repeated assurances that they do not have any of the 10,000 pounds of beef that was processed with the infected Holstein cow on December 9. In addition they added that meat processed on December 9 is still in transit and has not reached the island yet.

Frankly I am little worried about this. I got to thinking about what I put in my stomach the last few days and I know I ate leftover prime rib on Thursday, a hamburger at Jeff’s Pirates Cove on Saturday and I made hamburger helper for dinner last night. If I lived someplace on the mainland like California this wouldn’t really bother me, but since I live on an island with only 150,000 people on it, my chances are greatly increased to come in contact with this stuff. Guess I’ll be eating more fish for the foreseeable future. At least the mercury poisoning is reversible, there’s no cure for Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease.