Daily Archives: 12/30/2003

Shadow Circus: CIA Operations in Tibet

Now here’s something you don’t hear about everyday: a documentary about the CIA-back insurgency in Tibet during the 50’s and 60’s. The CIA trained and financed a paramilitary operation by Tibetan nationalists until the early 1970’s, when Nixon established relations with Communist China. And the story has a local flavor too; the CIA trained many of the counter revolutionaries on Saipan. I’d heard stories about CIA training Chinese agents on Saipan in the 60’s, but I never guessed it was actually Tibetans learning how to monitor radio frequencies, master cryptography and make Molotov cocktails.

Local News Roundup

Time for a brief spin through local news from Guam and the region:

  • Carl Gutierrez Indicted!!Holy Crap! It’s about time… I was wondering when somebody would get around to indicting Gutierrez. The charges against Gutierrez revolve around the misappropriation of materials and services to build his home in Uranao. Also indicted was his Department of Administration director, Cliff Guzman. Guzman’s indictment centers around the illegal connection of 2400 streetlights installed on private property but paid for with government funds. KUAM has a good rundown on all the current charges, pending indictments and prior convictions surrounding Gutierrez and his term as governor of Guam.
  • Funeral for Slain Family – The grandparents of the slain DePaiva family embraced forgiveness at yesterday’s funeral in Palau. Ruth DePaiva, mother of slain SDA pastor Ruimar DePaiva, embraced the mother of accused murderer Justin Hirosi and prayed for her and her son. I am truly humbled at a display of God’s love and human compassion expressed by some people. I don’t know if I could forgive anyone if my children and grandchildren were sexually assaulted and murdered in such a wild orgy of violence. I would be screaming for blood. This ‘eye for an eye’ thirst for vengeance only incites further hatred and a cycle of escalating violence, eg Palestine or Kosovo. But perhaps there is hope for our species if more people embrace compassion and forgiveness instead of hatred and vengeance.
  • Talofofo Bay Erosion – Talofofo Bay is getting larger at the expense of Talofofo Bay Beach Park. Wave action is chewing up large sections of the park, a process accelerated by last year’s typhoons. A large chunk of the parking lot at the park collapsed a few years ago, and the latest casualty is a picnic shelter that fell into the waves last week.
  • Navy Hiker Dies on Boonie Stomp – A Navy man lost his life hiking in Cetti Bay on Saturday. A memorial service was scheduled for today. A cause of death was not identified.