Daily Archives: 01/01/2004

The 10 Regions Of the United States

Reading the newly submitted stories on Kuro5hin this morning, I came across a fascinating article about the political and cultural divides within the United States. Beyond Red and Blue is primarily concerned with the upcoming 2004 presidential election, but I found the descriptions of the 10 different regions the most interesting. It reminded me of a book I read ages ago, The Nine Nations of North America, by Joel Garreau.

Both the book and this article divvy up the country into disparate regions, The Northeast urban sector, Mexamerica, Ecotopia in the Pacific Northwest, the farmlands of the Breadbasket, the Rust Belt’s aging industrial regions, the changing face of the South, and the unabashed extraction economy of the far west. He nailed it pretty good and the book has actually weather the test of time quite well. It is over 20 years old, but it still rings true.

I am certain Garreau’s ideas were on the mind of Robert David Sullivan as he wrote Beyond Red & Blue, but Sullivan refined the general divisions of the earlier book. The distinct regions are actually broken down by county voting results since 1976. The final analysis is a thoughtful piece of work, indicating where both Democrats and Republicans need to focus their efforts in order to carry the 2004 election.

Carl Gutierrez In The News

Let’s take a quick look at the stories bouncing around about Carl Gutierrez and Tuesday’s indictment:

  1. Gutierrez, Guzman indicted
  2. Senator Randy Cunliffe representing Gutierrez, calls charges ‘weak’
  3. Gutierrez appointed most current judges
  4. DPW also under investigation for street light indictments
  5. Senators, residents reactions vary
  6. Delegate Madeleine Bordallo’s reaction subdued
  7. A list of recent charges against members of the Gutierrez administration

Happy New Year

Well, it is 2004 here on Guam. Last night was pretty low key, a few beers here in the neighborhood and in bed by 12:30. I was definitely inside at midnight, when the live fire zone started. Pistols, shotguns, machine guns and a neighbor with a home-made cannon kept up a racket for a couple hours after midnight. It was a shame too, because it was a clear sparkling night outside, but I was afraid I was going to catch a bullet (several people are hit by stray bullets every New Year’s Eve on Guam). Best to stay inside and relax while the idiots get their rocks off.

Anyway, best wishes for a safe and happy 2004!