Daily Archives: 01/04/2004

Route 4 Repairs Delayed

The road construction going on just outside my house was scheduled for completion last November. Now officials are saying mid-February is the new target date. Yeah, and monkeys will fly out of my ass. They won’t be done with this project until July is my prediction. They need to spend months and months digging holes and filling them back in on the other side of the highway. Then they’ll pave the southbound lanes and we’ll have this bisected highway with road construction on the old portion in the middle for another year.

The End Of The Oil Age

Great article at SynEarth about the End of the Oil Age. Basically the black gold will reach peak production in 2010, and then the irreversible decline with commence. Production will dwindle in all the world’s oil fields and the price of oil will skyrocket. Alternatives like shale oil are too costly to extract in any sizable amount.

I guess the first car I ever bought will also be my last. Good thing I like riding my bike.

The Seventh Seal

I watched The Seventh Seal last night for the first time in probably ten years. I was very impressed. The DVD was digitally scrubbed to remove scratches and blemishes on the film and light levels were readjusted. I remember the first time I saw Bergman’s masterpiece in college, it was dark and grainy and altogether unenjoyable. What a transformation. The film is an incredible piece of work, a somber reflection on death and the meaning of life. Each character represents some archetype of humanity; the devout mute girl, libidinous Lisa and her slow witted husband Plog, the vain actor Skat, the vile seminarian Raval, and the simple ‘holy family’ of Jof, Mia and Michael. The most realized characters in the movie the ascetic, searching knight Antonius Block, and his agnostic squire Jöns. The knight is deeply troubled by the horrors he saw in the Crusades, and questions the existence of God, the pain that is life, and the purpose of man. His questioning nature is paired off against his worldly, agnostic squire, who expresses belief in nothing except women, wine and song. These two comrades travel a land where Death walks amongst the people for the Plague is ravaging the land. Both defiantly human until the end, striving against Death and the despair that surrounds them. It’s a great film, and rightly so. This cleaned up DVD really enhances the experience.

Saints Be Praised

Looks like Blogger is working again. I could post to my weblog, but it wouldn’t publish the updated site since New Year’s Eve. I’m glad to be back unharmed, I was worried I would lose all those posts from the last few days.