Daily Archives: 01/06/2004

School Bus Chaos

So the headlines for the last couple days revolved around GovGuam’s problems scheduling school bus routes. Seems the big problem here is that there aren’t enough buses to effectively route all the public school kids. Exacerbating the problem is the fact that well over a dozen private schools get free public school bus service for their students.

This just burns me up and people I mention it to don’t seem to understand. They always say parents with kids in private school pay taxes, so they are entitled to free bussing and textbooks supplied by GovGuam. Uh no, those funds should go to the public schools. If parents make the decision to put their children into private school, they are making the decision to fund their children’s education privately. Today’s editorial in the PDN makes a good point. Just because private school parents pay taxes doesn’t give them the right to demand public service for their decisions. I don’t have any kids, yet my tax dollars fund the school system. I demand that my tax dollars not go into education, but rather something that benefits me. But I don’t get to pick and choose how my taxes are spent, and neither should these people that chose to pull their children out of the public school system.