Daily Archives: 01/14/2004

A Bump In The Night

I don’t think I mentioned the earthquake that shook the island last night. It wasn’t very big, but it shook me awake. I hate these nocturnal temblors, they are one of the worst things imaginable. Waking up while the house is jerking around beneath you is absolutely horrifying. Probably because I am in a vulnerable condition and the forces involved are so unpredictable. My usual reaction is “OH SHIT!! Is this the big one? Is my house collapsing?” Thankfully houses are built tough on Guam; they have to be to survive typhoons.

Recycling Coming To Guam?

Recycling laws to go into effect next year – guampdn.com

Apparently a pair of laws signed last year will be put into effect in 2005. The first mandates a village based recycling program managed by mayors and the second establishes a disposal fee on automobiles and white goods (washers, dryers, etc.). Of course, none of the mayors discussed the new law or how to implement it, but I hope something positive comes from this. Guam needed a recycling program ten years ago.

Maybe I Should Have Bought A Prius

Shell fuel prices rise 7 cents per gallon – guampdn.com: during my morning commute, I scoped out the prices at all the gas stations between my house and home

  1. Shell – $2.149 for regular unleaded, $2.249 for premium
  2. 76 – $2.099 for regular unleaded, $2.149 for premium
  3. Mobil – $2.119 for regular unleaded, $2.239 for premium

I’ll bet dollars to doughnuts that all the island’s gas stations match Shell’s prices by the end of the day.

It might be time to start biking to work again, or maybe riding the bus. I’m just glad I don’t drive a gas-guzzling SUV.