Daily Archives: 01/16/2004

Last One To The Moon Is A Rotten Egg

So we are going to the moon and then to Mars? Great, another colossal sinkhole for taxpayer money.

Don’t get me wrong, I think space exploration is a worthy and noble goal. But unmanned probes do a great job at far less cost than lofting human astronauts into the great beyond. Let’s just face facts; outer space is a nasty place, inimical to human life. To keep our frail bodies alive in space requires massive amounts of shielding and storage for food, water and air. But robots excel at such dangerous missions and require no food, water or air and far less radiation shielding. And if the robot probe is destroyed it is regrettable, but no human lives are lost in a foolhardy endeavors.

And perhaps we should get our own house in order before we start despoiling alien worlds with our pollution and trash. So many things are wrong with our planet right now, I’d rather focus the money and energy on resolving those minor problems like overpopulation, starvation, poverty, AIDS, global warming, deforestation, mass extinction of species, pollution and the threat of nuclear annihilation. These are all tough, unglamorous problems, but if we get our ducks in a row here on Earth, then lets go to the moon. Until then, let’s keep tossing up these affordable robot probes to explore the far reaches of our solar system. There’s no hurry, the universe isn’t going anywhere soon. It will still be there when we are ready to leave our planetary confines.