Daily Archives: 01/20/2004

Anchors Away

Ship at sea off Yona coastlineThough I enjoy nearly 180º of ocean view from my cliffline home, I rarely see a ship at sea. The port is on the other side of the island and large vessels rarely pass along the eastern side of Guam. So I was pleasantly surprised by the appearance of this vessel in the misty rain yesterday afternoon, about 3 kilometers off shore. The clouds obscured the ship and at first I wasn’t sure it lay out there, but when I got my binoculars I was sure. My zoom on the digital camera wasn’t sufficient to get a good photo, so I butted the binoculars next to the camera lens and used that as poor man’s telephoto zoom. I think the results aren’t half bad. Takes a steady hand though. Dianne mentioned that she saw a warship off the coast on Sunday, I wonder what the reason for this sudden plethora of ships off Yona means.