Daily Archives: 01/21/2004

Quick News Roundup

  1. Duenas enters plea: Vincent Duenas returned to Guam last night after entering his plea before the US District judge in Saipan.
  2. No takers for $20M credit line: GovGuam can’t find any bank willing to give them a $20 million line of credit for typhoon Pongsana repairs. Not even the local banks are willing to take on such a bad loan.
  3. Powers out: Island-wide power outage around 13:00 today. Almost forgot about how often these outage used to be. Thankfully we got generator power here at the office.

Space Elevator

Seems some folks are writing about the space elevators in the wake of George W. Bush’s announcement to go to the moon. It is certainly a compelling idea and it could radically lower the hurdles to get into space.