Daily Archives: 01/26/2004

Notorious Guam, Gateway To Southeast Asia

The PDN broke a bombshell this morning when they picked up a story that aired on Dateline NBC this weekend. An exposé on the sordid world of Southeast Asia’s child sex market turns up a surprising number of American “tourists” engaging in pedophilia with small children. In fact they caught one American doctor on videotape explaining the process and places to go to an undercover reporter. And where was this doctor from? That’s right – Guam. Granted he was only here for a short contract, filling in for a local radiologist, but this kind of behavior is far from uncommon on the island. There is a whole subculture on the island that lives here because of the close proximity to Southeast Asia and the opportunities our location offers for sex tourism, especially with young women. Larry Hillblom, founder and owner of DHL courier service and a longtime resident of Saipan, was notorious for his sexual adventures. Frankly this latest bottom feeder Dateline NBC caught on tape seems like small potatoes compared to some of the other pederasts that inhabit Micronesia.