Daily Archives: 01/27/2004

Clinton’s Gift to Internet Age – Only 2 E-Mails

Yahoo! News – Clinton’s Gift to Internet Age – Only 2 E-Mails: The Clinton Presidential Library will house 39,999,998 emails from Clinton staffers and only two from the president himself.

“One of them may not actually qualify for electronic communication because it was a test to see if the commander in chief knew how to push the button on an e-mail.

Former Ohio Sen. John Glenn has the distinction of being the first American to orbit the Earth and the only person to receive an e-mail written by Clinton when he was in office.

The e-mail was sent with the help of Clinton staffers to the space shuttle while it was in orbit and Glenn was a part of the crew. It praised Glenn for his return to space after almost 40 years. “

To Boldly Go …

An interesting essay on SpaceRef.com about using Silicon Valley to aid in reaching for the moon. To Boldly Go … Not only the technological advancements in microprocessors, but also the whole contracting process and the way bids are awarded by NASA to aerospace contractors. Interesting reading.

Kooks And Crackpots

Gotta love this guy; Richard Hoagland is convinced of Machinery Found At Spirit Landing Site. They sure look like rocks to me.

As a point of reference, Mr. Hoagland is an ardent supporter of the ‘Face On Mars’ nonsense resulting from the unusual photo taken by a Viking Orbiter in the 70’s. Never mind those recent photos taken by vastly superior imaging systems onboard the Mars Global Surveyor and Mars Odyssey spacecraft that show an irregular mesa with no resemblence of a face – those photos are doctored by NASA to cover up the startling evidence of Martians. Yeah, whatever buddy.

Tax Forms – Check

Well one thing about living here on Guam: I am increasingly anal about filing my taxes earlier than everyone else. It’s not even the end of January and tax-filing season is already under way. I downloaded the forms from the IRS website yesterday, and I hope to prepare them tonight. That’ll be a new record for me. I usually file in mid-February, but that doesn’t even seem to get me a refund any sooner. And yes, I already changed my withholding for this year so I don’t have to worry about this again.