Superbowl Recap

It was a helluva game; Jake Delhomme and the Panthers really fought tooth and nail. I was especially impressed by Carolina’s old geezer receiving corps stepping up to the plate. Ricky Proehl and Muhsin Muhammed are not exactly youngsters in the league but they caught the balls that mattered and kept Carolina in the game.

And I certainly think that was the best halftime show I’ve ever seen. Thanks Janet! I about coughed up my lunch when that boob popped out. I wasn’t surprised by the media silence about the breast exposure, but when they deliberately censor out the streaker at the beginning of the second half and how Matt Chatham tackled the dude so the cops could catch him, well that bothers me. I remember this odd silence as we waited for the kickoff, and thinking it was probably a streaker since nothing usually stops the talking meatheads and their color commentary.

Oh yeah, I didn’t win anything at Planet Hollywood either. For the second year in a row the winning ticket to the Pro Bowl went to a kid. I am beginning to think the whole thing is rigged. And for $40, I expect to win something – or at least keep me stocked in beer. The damn place ran out of beer at halftime. I think next year I will just watch the game at home.