Creativity Machines

Found an interesting article in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch about a St. Louis resident’s amazing creativity software. Stephen Thaler’s software can actually write original music, create new words, and produce new marketable products, like the Oral B CrossAction toothbrush. By introducing noise into a neural network, his Creativity Machine actually produces new ideas.

His first patent was for a Device for the Autonomous Generation of Useful Information, the official name of the Creativity Machine… His second patent was for the Self-Training Neural Network Object. Patent Number Two was invented by Patent Number One. Think about that. Patent Number Two was invented by Patent Number One!

Could this be a first step toward an actual artificial intelligence? Creativity is one of the cornerstones of human intelligence. It is certainly a fascinating development and I suggest reading the article and visiting Thaler’s company website for more information on the Creativity Machine.