Good News Everyone!

The best news I’ve heard all week: Microbrewery resurfaces at Mac & Marti’s in Tumon. The Great Deep Brewing Company guys used to work their magic out of Le Tasi Bistro in Hagatna, but differences with the restaurants owners forced them out early last year. I was bummed out, because Thursday nights at Le Tasi were becoming a habit of mine; good beer, tasty tapas menu, and my friends the Pago Bay Reefers playing a couple sets. And while two of those three ingredients still exist at Le Tasi, I must admit I really enjoyed the beer on tap.

Now I get the chance to swill their brew once again. They are tapping a keg at Mac & Marti’s down in Tumon, one of Guam’s new trendy bars. I guess I need to start braving Tumon’s horrible traffic once again and taste that great beer.