Daily Archives: 02/10/2004

Opportunity Located

NASA image of Opportunity landing siteAnd now NASA releases a composite photo showing the Opportunity Rover’s landing site at Meridiani Planum, taken from passing satellites in Mars orbit. The images were composited to create this graphic. The parachute is visible along the left side of the image, while the heatshield appears to have landed below the prominent crater at the right.

Perhaps most exciting is the mark Opportunity made in the soil on its first, initial bounce. The imprint is plainly visible, which is a good indicator of the looseness of the soil and its fine, dustlike nature. Matching sightings taken by Opportunity with these high detail satellite photos (and photos the rover took during its descent), NASA was able to determine the precise location of the small crater where the rover came to rest.

So now we know the neighborhood, let’s go meet some of the neighbors. Like that big honking crater about a kilometer away. Maybe there’s a Quickie Mart in there or something.