Cleland Alert

My good friend and former roommate Craig Cleland was on-island last weekend for a couple days and we hooked up on Saturday night for a little R&R in Tumon Bay. We started at the Outrigger Hotel, grabbed some Vietnamese food at Hoa Mai, sampled the fine Great Deep Brewing Company Beers at Mac & Marti’s, and finished off the night at the ever smoky Tower of London.

Craig laughs at the comedic stylings of our waitress at Hoa Mai II

Craig samples the Scottish red from Great Deep Brewing at Mac & Marti's

We met up again on Sunday for a bbq at another friend’s house, where I drank a great deal of beer. In fact I had a hangover the next day that lasted the entire day (and into the night). It was good to see Craig again, it seems like ages since he lived on Guam. In fact it was almost four years ago that he left island to pursue his fortunes. Funny how time flies.

Good to see you Craig, come back again soon.