Daily Archives: 02/23/2004

Bombs Away!

Some bomber related news today:

  • B-52’s Arrive On Island – Guam received the first of a contingent of B-52 Stratofortress bombers to be permanently stationed on the island. While the planes will continue to be stationed out of North Dakota, a revolving contingent will be continuously maintained on the island. Apparently this is being done to reinforce U.S. forces in the Asia/Pacific theater as ground troops are redeployed to the Middle East. Local leaders are enthusiastic about the pre-positioning because it will mean more jobs and money injected into the island’s economy.
  • WWII B-24 bomber located in Palau – A downed B-24 Liberator bomber was located in the waters off Palau recently. It is assumed that the bomber still contains the remains of the servicemen that perished when the plane was shot down shortly before the U.S. invasion of Palau in September 1944. The POW/MIA Command in Hawaii was notified about the wreck and they are expected to recover the servicemen’s remains.
  • The Last Mission – I never knew this bit of Guam’s WWII history. The Last Mission was took off from Northwest Field on August 14th and bombed Tokyo. The heavy bombardment curtailed a planned military coup to depose Emperor Hirohito before he could surrender to the U.S. invasion. Interesting stuff, but there is not a single marker commemorating this final mission of WWII at Northwest Field. Perhaps the 60th anniversary of Guam’s Liberation is a fitting time to dedicate a memorial to this final act of World War II.