Daily Archives: 03/10/2004

Crazy, Random “Chris Rock Thing”

This is a pretty funny story about a woman that got the old cell phone number of Chris Rock and started getting calls from Ken Burns, Spike Lee, Adam Sandler and Jack Nicholson. Makes me wonder why Chris Rock changed his phone number and didn’t clue these dudes into new number. Maybe he’s trying to avoid them?

Hafa Adai

I’m back from Bali. Got in this morning, and while I feel quite relaxed from days of indolent splendor, I am also wracked with severe intestinal distress. The colloquial term is ‘Bali Belly,’ but I’ll come out and say it: I got the shits. Bad.

I’ll post some pictures from Ubud later tonight. Hopefully the lomotil will I’ve been popping will stave off any further complications.