Daily Archives: 03/15/2004

New Lunch Spot Found

We had a department luncheon today, one of the underwriters is leaving the company and taking a position at Continental Micronesia. The combined departments of Facets, Pricing and IT took him out to lunch at the Joinus Restaurant for teppanyaki. I am ashamed to admit it was the first time I ever stepped foot inside the Tumon Sands Plaza, after 11 years of living on Guam. I guess I ain’t the target demographic for Cartier, Rolex, Tiffany & Co. and the rest of the ritzy stores in that little mall.

Despite the tony surroundings, the Joinus Restaurant seemed a bit rundown. It was certainly dark and claustrophobic, there is not a window in the restaurant. However the restaurant packed in the patrons for one reason: a great deal on teppanyaki. People on Guam know a good deal when it involves food. The price of any one of three set teppan menus is $10.99 – the options all include sirloin steak and shrimp along with a choice of chicken, salmon or scallops. I cannot remember the last time I ate teppanyaki, easily two years or more. I like teppanyaki too, but the closure of the Kurumaya Seahorse in 2002 set me adrift. God I miss that place. I spent many an evening there, relaxing after paddling practice, enjoying Tumon’s warm sands and the fading twilight over the Philippine Sea. It is a crying shame the restaurant was closed down and the building demolished, especially since the developer never built a damn thing on that lot. A vibrant business destroyed and turned into a vacant lot. Seems to happen all the time on island.