Daily Archives: 03/24/2004

In Defense Of Evolution

One of my favorite blogs lately is Pharyngula, written by Paul Myers, associate professor of biology at the University of Minnesota, Morris. Dr. Myers is a tireless advocate of evolution education, shining the spotlight on creationists, ‘intelligent design’ supporters, and their efforts to expunge evolution and scientific thinking from the curriculum across the country.

Monday he posted a link to a lucid and well written defense of evolution, a statement published by the Botanical Society of America: Botanical Society of America’s Evolution Statement. It defends the use of evolution as a scientific theory and exposes creationism as “scientific uselessness,” that offers not “a single contribution to agriculture, medicine, conservation, forestry, pathology, or any other applied area of biology.”

Gasoline Prices Rising

Came across this story about the rising cost of gasoline. This article from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch is griping about $1.64 per gallon prices. Crap. I can’t remember the last time gas was a $1.64 on Guam. Honestly, in ten years of driving gas has never been below $1.72 or so on Guam. The price for regular unleaded is currently a scorching $2.20 a gallon. I am just glad I don’t drive around in a big old SUV like so many mopes on this island. I think it’s time to start biking to work again.

A Couple Reflections On Guam

Two things:

  1. The power went out for a second morning in a row today. Yesterday it died in my village a little after 7:00 am and was out for a couple hours, today a long brownout (great for the appliances and computers!) at 8:10 preceded an island-wide outage. Parts of the island-wide grid are slowly being energized. The cause? Probably a big brown tree snake – that was a popular excuse a few years ago.
  2. Speaking of the brown tree snake, I was just outside making a call on my cellular when I heard this odd noise. I turned around and saw a pidgeon. Holy crap! A bird on Guam, even a common pidgeon, is always a surprise. I was startled by what I saw, after all birds are non-existent on Guam, thanks to the brown tree snake.