A Couple Reflections On Guam

Two things:

  1. The power went out for a second morning in a row today. Yesterday it died in my village a little after 7:00 am and was out for a couple hours, today a long brownout (great for the appliances and computers!) at 8:10 preceded an island-wide outage. Parts of the island-wide grid are slowly being energized. The cause? Probably a big brown tree snake – that was a popular excuse a few years ago.
  2. Speaking of the brown tree snake, I was just outside making a call on my cellular when I heard this odd noise. I turned around and saw a pidgeon. Holy crap! A bird on Guam, even a common pidgeon, is always a surprise. I was startled by what I saw, after all birds are non-existent on Guam, thanks to the brown tree snake.